Castleville Nice Ride Quest To Woo a Maiden

By | July 24, 2012

Help Quinn in castleville nice ride quest to win the heart of Genevieve in the faraway land of Amouria.

meet Genevieve the future love of quinn life in these 13 missions parts 🙂

to woo a maiden walkthrough :

mission 1 : Nice Ride Quest
Place the foundation for Quinn’s new Carriage (Inventory)
Finish building Quinn’s Carriage (collect materials)
Travel to Amouria by clicking on Genevieve’s portrait in the Neighbor Bar after completing Quinn’s Carriage

mission 2 : Travel in Style Quest
Click on Genevieve’s Tower (northwest edge of Amouria)
Go fishing 1 time in Amouria (Click on Ponds in Amouria)
Use the Love Energy Distiller (Craft a Love Diary to use in the Love Energy Machine)

mission 3 : Prep and Pep Quest
Tend 1 flower in Amouria (Flowers in Amouria have a chance of dropping Love Dust)
Collect from 1 Skeleton in Amouria to find Boyfriend Material (Click on Skeletons)

mission 4 : Breaking the Ice Quest
Have 3 Liquid Courage (Ask friends)
Craft 3 Ice Picks of Charm (in the Workshop)
Remove 3 Ice Rocks from Amouria (Craft Ice Picks of Charm to break Ice Rocks)

mission 5 : The Friend Zone Quest
Chop 4 trees in Amouria (Collect Wood by chopping trees)
Light 3 Sparks of Interest in Amouria (Click on the Sparks of Interest)
Mine 4 rocks in Amouria (Click on rocks)

mission 6 : Mr. Big Bucks Quest
Tend 4 flowers in Amouria
Collect 3 Love Dust in Amouria (Click on anything in Amouria to find)

mission 7 : A Crook’s Hook Quest
Craft 3 Cute Shepherd’s Crooks (in the Workshop)
Give Kathleen her new Shepherd’s Crooks in Amouria (click kathleen)
Have 5 Boxes of Chocolates (ask friends)

mission 8 : Sailor’s Delight Quest
Have 2 Bubbly Grog (in the Kitchen)
Have 2 Collection Boxes (in the Workshop)
Give Sonja the items she wants in Amouria (click sonja)

mission 9 : Hazel’s Boy Toy Quest
Craft 3 Boy Toys (in the Studio)
Give Hazel her new Boy Toys in Amouria (click hazel)
Use the Love Energy Machine 1 time (collect materials)

mission 10 : Sensible Scents Quest
Fish in Amouria 2 times
Tend 5 flowers in Amouria
Collect 3 Love Dust (Click on anything in Amouria to find)

mission 11 : Bridge of Trust Quest
Mine 3 times in Amouria for stone
Craft 1 Hammer (in the Workshop)
Rebuild the Bridge of Trust in Amouria to get across Bitterness Breach (collect materials)

mission 12 : In the Name of Love Quest
Craft 4 Ball and Chains (in the Workshop)
Destroy the 4 Adolescent Dreams in Amouria (just click it)
Tend 5 flowers in Amouria

mission 13 : Together At Last Quest
Have 8 Keys to Heart Tower (ask Friends)
Rebuild the Ladder of Love (collect materials)
Craft 1 Heart-Shaped Lute (crafted in the Studio)