Castleville Noble Mother Tree Quest

By | December 28, 2012

Help yvette revive the queen mother tree in castleville noble mother tree quest because sylphie says the Noble Mother nutures all Noble Trees
this is one of the unreleased quest, and you must finish some quest first in order to unlock these ! grow the daughter sapling and if we can revive her, our Noble Trees will grow strong!

requirements might updated and different from this one, goals walkthrough guide :

mission 1: Being a Green Mother Quest
– Plant the Noble Mother tree in your Kingdom
– Craft 1 Magical Mulch by clicking on any growing Noble Trees
– Have 2 Pails of Water from Fishing

mission 2: A Little Bit of Fall Quest
– Have 3 Blessings of Autumn (ask your friends)
– Tend 8 Flowers in your Kingdom
– Click on the Noble Mother tree to heal it

mission 3: The Perfect Temperature Quest
– Have 5 Blessings of Winter (ask your friends)
– Craft 3 Blessings of Summer in the Studio
– Click on the Noble Mother to upgrade it

mission 4: Nature and Nurture Quest
– Craft 2 Blessings of Spring in the Studio
– Complete the revival of the Noble Mother tree
– Tend the fully revitalized Noble Mother 1 times

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