Castleville on Facebook

By | October 31, 2011

Zynga new game castleville on facebook will be released soon! create your happy ending !

I bet you already know other zynga’s games : farmville, frontierville and cityville, these ‘ville’ games usually comes with the crewing, energy, crops, quests, and many other stuff

Now, with CastleVille is more personal. It’s about the characters. For instance, is this character happy? Can you make them happier? How do you progress in your relationship with this character, and with your friends.

look on the sneak peek here :
3d animations characters with isometric style ?

Like castleville to help unlock free game items! the more likes, the more items unlocked. You’ll also help create a happy ending for others.

castleville facebook fan page :

At 5 million likes, will contribute to each of its recipient partners listed below :
– archery target
– expansion gem
– hyper craft
= castle topiary
– fountain
– good morning glories
– silver queen statue
– cannon

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  • Bona

    I’m really looking forward to that game, hope it’s gonna be worth playing 🙂
    I’ve already saved my last two paysafecards for it – hope they’ll have some cool items already when it launches 😀
    I loved Cityville, this has to be good!
    Farmville is boring, though…
    Hope there’s not too much farming there this time… more story would be really cool, too!

    • admin

      i just hope that there won’t be many bug like other zynga’s games, also the 3D animations won’t make the game ‘heavy’