Castleville One Small Step Quest A Fairy Colorful Tale

By | October 1, 2012

Help Sylphie and Gelsey in castleville one small step quest using magic to restore color to fairy world Through the Portal !
we need to bring the Fairy Realm back to life because Faugrimm has ravaged the Fairy Realm and stolen all the color

tips :
Find Prism Fragments by tending colored bushes in Fairy Realm

a fairy colorful tale goals walkthrough :

mission 1 : One Small Step Quest
Travel to the Fairy Realm using the Portal Map
Tend 3 flowers in the Fairy Realm to see what’s going on

mission 2 : A Colorful Outlook Quest
Ask Friends for 3 Rose-Colored Glasses
Craft 2 Colorize spell in the Nature section of your Spellbook
Cast the Colorize spell 2 times in the Fairy Realm

mission 3 : Against the Gray-n Quest
Click the Purple Color Well near the Butterfly Sign
Tend 7 Red or Blue items in Fairy Realm to find Red and Blue Color Drops
Restore color to 4 areas of the Fairy Realm using Colorize

mission 4 : A Well Defined Plan Quest
Collect 3 Prism Fragments
Repair the Purple Fairy Well
Feed 8 Chickens in your Kingdom

mission 5 : Banishus Maximus Quest
Cast 2 Banishus Maximus spells
Have 4 Butterfly Cakes (ask freiends for Fairy Cake)
Craft 3 Bubbly Grog in the Kitchen

mission 6 : Energize Quest
Cast 1 Portal Energy spell
Cast Colorize 4 times
Craft 2 Dye Kits in the Studio

mission 7 : The Orange Well Quest
Craft 2 Cupcakes in the Kitchen
Repair the Orange Well
Collect 6 Prism Fragments

mission 8 : Saturation Quest
Cast Banishus Maximus 3 times
Cast Colorize 6 times
Harvest 6 Tomatoes

mission 9 : Green Well Quest
Collect 3 Magic Toadstools (Cast the Colorize spell in the Fairy Realm)
Finish repairing the Green Color Well
Craft 2 Ice Cream in the Kitchen

mission 10 : Be Gone, Foul Beasties Quest
Cast Banishus Maximus 3 times
Tend 10 objects in the Fairy Realm
Craft 3 Berry scones in the Kitchen

mission 11 : A Whole New World Quest
Craft 3 Well Activation spells in your Spellbook
Cast the Well Activation Spell on each of the 3 Color Wells in the Fairy Realm to activate them

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