Castleville Playing Detective Missions A Study In Sweet Buns

By | March 9, 2012

Another new quest released today : castleville playing detective missions, look for a question mark over chef mia and get those sweet buns crafting !

here are the requirements for a study in sweet buns quests :

quest 1 : playing detective mission
Bake 3 Sweet Buns
Tend 5 Flowers
Tax 3 Houses

quest 2 : Corruption in Dukedom mission
Visit the Duke – keep an eye out for clues
Collect 6 Magnifying Glasses (post to/get from wall)
Fish 10 times to look for evidence

quest 3 : The Face of innocence mission
Craft 1 cupcake
Harvest 10 wheat
Feed 5 cows – (can be done at neighbours )

quest 4 : Incriminating evidence mission
Bake 2 sweet buns
Collect 3 love letters
collect 5 flour sacks

quest 5 : Just Desserts mission
Craft 5 items in your kitchen
tend 10 neighbors’ kitchens
banish 1 gloom thief

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