Castleville Please Stay Quest Sonjas Pirate Tavern

By | June 23, 2012

Help Sonja open up her Pirate Tavern start with please stay quest ! finish all sonjas pirate tavern mission to get some new pirate theme item rewards 🙂

missions requirements :

mission 1 : Please Stay Quest
Craft 15 Wood Planks (Craft in the Workshop)
Tend 40 Flowers
Spend 100,000 Coins, lavish Sonja with gifts. Or Gnome Statues

mission 2 : Going Viral Quest
Place the Pirate Tavern foundation
Craft 5 Ornate Tapestries (You must have Studio and a Jewler)
Have 10 Clothespins (Ask Friends)

mission 3 : Cobblestone Cred Quest
Craft 8 Boom Sticks for Sonja
Collect Coins 20 times from Neighbors’ Kingdoms’ houses
Consume 8 Green Fairy Elixirs

mission 4 : Sonja’s Grand Opening Quest
Build Sonja’s Pirate Tavern
Craft 7 Horseshoes (require a Workshop, Blacksmith and a Quarry)
Chop Trees 40 times

mission 5 : Take A Number Quest
Banish 20 Beasties
Craft 4 Meat Sandwiches (you need aBakery and a Butcher)
Have 10 Red Ribbons (Ask Friends)

mission 6 : So Not a Date Quest
Craft 10 Flaming Grog (craft in the Kitchen)
Craft 3 Stained Glass (craft in Studio once you have a Clockmaker)
Clear 30 nature item (Grass, Bushes, Flowers and Roots)

mission 7 : Date Knight Quest
Craft 1 Catapult (Craft in the Workshop)
Have 10 Lemon Slices (Ask friends)
Craft 5 Kegs (Craft Kegs in a Workshop)

mission 8 : Nautical Nostalgia Quest
Use 8 Sword on Beasties (Craft Swords in the Workshop)
Fish 20 times
Raise your Castle Level by 300 points to better face the Gloom

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