Castleville Queen’s Well

By | April 12, 2012

Double your money with the Queens Well! Do you want to purchase castleville queen’s well on the market ? because this is a special item.. but will cost you a lot of crowns 🙁

cost : 360 crowns it’s about $40

Want the best investment for your Crowns, purchase a Queen’s Well! By collecting from a Queen’s Well every 5 Days you can double your return!

hover the item to see the tooltip :
a well that provides 10 crowns to your kingdom every 5 days, you can only have 1 queen’s well

based on the castleville official forum, this item will expired after 1 year and become a normal decoration
“After one year the Well expires and will need to be renewed.

if you do the math :
it will take you 6 months to breakeven the crowns and you will make a total of 720 crowns from date of purchase to date of expiration

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