Castleville Quests List

By | November 15, 2011

Like other zynga ‘ville’ games there are missions / goals to finish, so let me help you with some of the castleville quests list below. But first lets get to know more about this feature :

you can see your quest on the left side of the screen, the icon and characters represent of each task you need do

when you see the requirements for quest, you can hover the question mark icon to see tips and hint 🙂 so it’ll guide you to finish quest faster

– some of quest contain of several parts, more like a quest chains so you must finish each series to unlock a new one
– when you finish quest you will get rewards like XP and coins
– to activate some quest you must click a character first
– you can skip some task requirements with crowns (cash)
the first quest comes from Yvette and duke will give you a walkthrough guide with the interaction

raise the roof quest
– find a good location and place yvette’s house
– gather materials to build the house
– build yvette’s house to add her to your kingdom

tips :
find the building inside your inventory > buildings then place it, to build you must collect @5 stones and wood logs
– get stones from mining rocks on your land
– get wood logs from chopping trees

sticks and stones quest
– gather 5 wood logs by chopping trees
– gather 5 stone by mining rocks

penny pinching quest
– tax yvette’s house for coins

tips : just click it to receive some coins, this is more like collect bonus in other games ;P

get plucky quest
talk to the animals part 1 :
– buy 4 chickens
– feed 4 chickens

tips :
go to market > nature tab, the chicken cost 250 coins
click chicken with yellow arrow above it to feed

no bull quest
talk to the animals part 2 :
– buy 2 cows (cost 750 coins)
– feed 2 cows in your kingdom
– spend reputation hearts to buy a large trough for your thirsty animals

tips :
if you play sims social then you must know social points, the reputation hearts works like that.. it’s another currency

visiting heirs quest
– visit your new neighbor the duke
– banish the invading beastie
– earn 5 reputation by helping your new neighbor

a noble beginning quest
castle part 1 :
– place 5 rubble walls to enhance your castle
– get your castle to level 10 so you can explore

tips :
find rubber walls on market > decor, it cost 200 coins
you need to look for gloomed area (dark areas around your kingdom), it almost like land expansion buy you need to level up your castle first

into the gloom quest
castle part 2 :
– rescue rafael from the gloom

tips :
expand your land to rescue rafael, the requirements :
castle level 10 + 2 crystals + 1000 coins

from gloom to bloom quest
– place 5 flowers (200 coins)
– feed 3 animals
– clear 2 rocks

good foundations quest
– place the house foundation for your new subject
– build rafael’s house to add him to your kingdom
– tax rafael’s house

tips : this one just like the first missions when you build yvette’s house, but this time you’ll need @8 stones and wood logs

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