Castleville Rafael IS Hot Quest Yvette Go Steady

By | July 31, 2012

Rafael and Yvette Go Steady ! Read the story start from castleville rafael is hot quest !

Rafael is feeling terrible, find out how to cure his lovesickness.

goals walkthrough :

mission 1: Rafael IS Hot Quest
Have Sponges to give Rafael (Ask Friends)
Gather 2 Pails of Water (fishing)
Have 2 bottles of Flaxseed Oil (Kitchen)

mission 2: Food to Warm the Soul Quest
Have 3 Cow Blankets (asking friends)
Feed 6 Chickens to gather chicken meat (Adult Chickens)
Craft 1 bowl of Chicken Soup (Kitchen)

mission 3: Bedridden Quest
Craft 1 Grindstone (Kitchen)
Use 1 Flaming Grog on a chopped tree (Craft Flaming Grog in the Kitchen)
Collect 2 times from a Logging Camp

mission 4: Counting Sheep to Fall Asleep Quest
Feed 10 Sheep
Have 4 Anise Flowers (Ask Friends)
Craft 3 Wood Clubs (Workshop)

mission 5: Go-Go Concoction Quest
Have 3 Ice Cream (Kitchen)
Craft 1 Energizing Concoction (Kitchen)
Use 1 Energizing Concoction (craft at Kitchen)

mission 6: Lovesick Quest
Have 15000 Coins
Craft 3 Candles (Studio, once you have a Tailor)
Have 1 Sword for Yvette (Workshop, once you have a Blacksmith)

mission 7: Nature Lovers Quest
Have 6 Bundles of Wheat (harvesting Wheat)
Craft 2 Leather (Studio)
Craft 2 Rope (Workshop)

mission 8: Rafael’s Passion Quest
Have 12 Wood Planks (craft at Workshop)
Craft 2 Energizing Concoctions (Kitchen)
Have 3 Wool Cloths (need Studio and Tailor to craft)

mission 9: From the Heart Quest
Have 8 Bouquets of Roses (Ask Friends)
Craft 1 Teddy Bear (Studio)
Place the Teddy Bear decoration in your Kingdom (Inventory)