Castleville Safe Hauntings Quest Halloween Spooktacular

By | October 10, 2012

Halloween spirits are here in castleville safe hauntings quest ! get a spooky tree by finishing all the halloween spooktacular missions 🙂

Faugrimm has besieged the home of the Halloween Spirits and is trying to transport them to his realm! We can use my Teleportation Machine to rescue them !
Click on Giovanni’s Teleportation Machine to enter the Spirit Manager and start a new Spirit

there are 2 kind of spirits : owl and gargoyle
Trickster Owl
Magical Owl
Ghostly Owl
Warrior Gargoyle
Fluffy Gargoyle
Chained Gargoyle

mission 1 : Safe Hauntings Quest
Place Giovanni’s Teleportation Machine in your Kingdom (Inventory under Decor)
Start to Teleport 2 Halloween Spirits to your Kingdom
Feed Halloween Spirits 1 Candy Corn (crafted in the Kitchen)

mission 2 : Paranormal Snacktivity Quest
Place the Foundation for the Boo Brew Boiler
Feed 3 Adult Sheep
Tend 5 Flowers

mission 3 : Ghoul School Quest
Have 3 Book of Spirits
Build the Boo Brew Boiler
Feed the Halloween Spirits 3 Times

mission 4 : Sweet Tooth Quest
Start Teleporting 2 New Spirits
Craft 7 Candy Corn
Tend 5 Flowers

mission 5 : Everyday is Halloween Quest
Have 3 Skeleton Hands
Upgrade the Boo Brew Boiler
Feed Halloween Spirits 5 Times

mission 6 : Ghosts and Gloom Quest
Banish 3 Gloom Thieves
Craft 9 Candy Corn
Have 2 Medium Strength Halloween Spirits

mission 7 : Spirits of Every Size Quest
Finish Upgrading the Boo Brew Boiler
Measure Strength of 2 Halloween Spirits
Start Teleporting 2 New Halloween Spirits

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