Castleville Sense and Sensibility Missions Abandoned Dragon Cave

By | May 17, 2012

Unlock the secrets of Abandoned Dragon Cave by exploring the gloom in castleville sense and sensibility missions !

this quest have 10 parts, here are the requirements walkthrough guide :

tips :
To explore dragon cave You must have Exploration Crystals, Coins and specific Castle Levels
Craft Rifting Scepters in the Studio to extract Mythium from Amythite Rocks, or clearing new area

mission 1 : Sense and Sensibility quest
Feed 2 animals to see if they are the source of Alastair’s intuitions
Tend 2 flowers to see if something may be hiding amongst them
Have 3 Stones (mining rocks and collecting from Mining Camps)

mission 2 : Northward Bound quest
Explore the area North of your Kingdom in search of the Dragon Cave
Go fishing 1 time (click on ponds to go fishing)
Tax 2 houses

mission 3 : Rifting Scepters quest
Have 3 Jeweled Goblets (ask friends)
Craft 1 Rifting Scepter (craft in studio)
Remove 1 Amythite Rock to clear your path to the Dragon Cave

mission 4 : How Convenient quest
Move Faugrimm’s Scepter Parts Machine to a new location to work on repairing it
Visit 1 Neighbor to tell them of your discovery
Have 1 Iron Bar (craft in workshop)

mission 5 : Into the Gloom quest
Craft 2 Rifting Scepters (craft in studio)
Explore the area with the Dragon Cave to reveal its secrets
Have 5 Wheelbarrows (ask friends)

mission 6 : Bump In The Road quest
Clear 2 Amythite Rocks from the mouth of the Dragon Cave (Craft Rifting Scepters)
Remove 1 Amythite Tree to clear the Cave’s entrance (Craft Rifting Scepters)
Craft 3 Hammers (craft in workshop)

mission 7 : Shrouded In Mystery quest
Click the Dragon Cave to search it
Collect 4 Mythium (Extract Mythium from Mythite Rocks using Rifting Scepters)
Explore the Dragon Cave 2 times to uncover its hidden treasures

mission 8 : Into the Depths quest
Further search the Dragon Cave 4 times to see what riches lie within
Craft 4 Candles (craft in studio)
Finish fixing up Faugrimm’s Scepter Parts Machine (collect parts)

mission 9 : Riches Galore quest
Use Faugrimm’s Scepter Parts Machine 2 times to find Rifting Scepter parts
Find 2 decorations in the Dragon Cave
Rescue 2 animals from the depths of the Dragon Cave

mission 10 : Endless Riches quest
Use the Amber Locator 2 times to find Extraction Scepter parts
Further search the Dragon Cave 4 times to see what riches lie within (Mythium Extracting Scepters in the Studio)
Find 3 decorations in the Dragon Cave

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