Castleville Shake Rattle and Go Quest A Force of Nature

By | July 17, 2012

Let Ben the giant teach you all about nature magic in castleville shake rattle and go quest ! there are 10 a force of nature missions.

start to explore your kingdom to find this giant, ben 🙂
here are the goals walkthrough :

mission 1: Shake, Rattle, and Go Quest
Tend 3 Flowers in your Kingdom
Have 5 Stone (Mine Rocks or collect from Mining Camp)
Explore (Craft Exploration Crystals and construct Royal Buildings to explore)

mission 2: A Magical Bond Quest
Tend 1 Goose in your Kingdom
Tend 6 buildings in your kingdom
Craft a Spellbook of Nature (in the Studio)

mission 3: Make it Rain Quest
Prepare the Cleansing Rain Spell (Click the Spell Book button to prepare Spells)
Summon the rains by casting Cleansing Rain on withered Crops
Sell 10 Ogre’s Belches (Clear grass and roots to find Ogre’s Belches)

mission 4: Big Fashion Quest
Have Big Patches (Ask Friends)
Craft 2 Leather (in the Studio)
Collect 8 Wool (Click on adult Sheep to collect Wool)

mission 5: A Blossoming Friendship Quest
Buy and plant 4 Flowers
Water the Tree Saplings 10 times
Cast the New Bloom Spell 2 times

mission 6: Giant Appetites Quest
Have Barrels of Ranch (Ask Friends)
Harvest 8 Cabbage for the salad
Craft 3 Sweet Buns for dessert (in the Kitchen)

mission 7: It’s Always Sunny in CastleVille Quest
Explore to find a safe spot to try out this magic
Plant 10 crops
Cast the Sunripen spell 2 times to instantly mature your crops

mission 8: The Winds of Change Quest
Cast the Harvest Wind Spell 3 times to quickly harvest your crops
Have Magic Words (Ask Friends)
Consume 2 Vegatable Cocktails (in the kitchen)

mission 9: Preparation and Perspiration Quest
Have 2 Ropes (craft at the Workshop)
Feed 12 Sheep in your Kingdom
Harvest 10 Magic Beans

mission 10: The Sheep Don’t Seem to Mind Quest
Use 3 Animal Treats (Craft in the Kitchen or purchase from Market)
Cast the Lucky Rainbow spell on 2 Sheep in your Kingdom
Feed 4 Sheep enchanted by the Lucky Rainbow Spell (Cast the Lucky Rainbow Spell on a Sheep, then feed it)