Castleville Spa-tacular Missions Spa Treatment

By | March 29, 2012

There’s a new Quest Line for Izzy : spa treatment, start with castleville spa-tacular missions
but in order to get this mission series first you need to complete her party girl quest

there are 6 parts, Help Izadora bring the GLAM to your Kingdom and get a Hot tub as the reward!

quest 1 : spa-tacular mission
– have 85000 coins to purchase royal spa
– buy royal spa and place it in your kingdom
– have 8 fluffy bath robes

quest 2 : chocolate delight mission
– finish building royal spa and let the pampering begin
– craft 4 chocolate bars to make your new customers feel special

quest 3 : star stuck mission
– visit the royal spa 1 time
– chop 5 trees to help rafael build up a nice musk for the lasdies
– have 5 ropes to hold beck rafael’s adoring fans from tackling him

quest 4 : bad hair day mission
– tend 10 flowers and grass in your kingdom to find izadora’s ribbon
– mine rocks 10 times to see if the ribbon got wedged under one of them
– chop 10 trees to see if any ribons fall from the branches

quest 5 : color blind mission
– have 5 peacock feathers to draw an image of izzy’s ribbon on the poster
– have 5 bottles of ink to use with the peacock feathers
– visit 10 friends to ask if they have seen izadora’s ribbon

quest 6 : a new do mission
– have 5 spools of cotton thread to weave a new ribbon
– have 6 bottles of emerald dye to make izzy’s ribbon as fabulous as she is
– collect from 15 buildings in your kingdom to spread the word of izzy’s new hair piece
reward : hot tub

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