Castleville Spirited Away Quest The Seven Unicorns

By | June 11, 2012

Why don’t you start castleville spirited away quest ? to learn more about the invocation statue from the seven unicorns 🙂

walkthrough guide for the seven unicorns missions :

mission 1: Spirited away Quest
Place the base of the Invocation Statue (Inventory > Decor)
Touch the Invocation Statue to see the Unicorn Mages

mission 2: Sharing is Caring Quest
Have 2 Care Packages (ask friends)
Craft 1 Unicorn Tart (crafted in the Kitchen)
Fill the Generosity Unicorn bar with 15 points by crafting Unicorn Tarts

mission 3: Star Light, Star Bright Quest
Craft 1 Bottle of Ink to chart the stars (crafted in the Studio)
Sell 3 Torches
Fill the Wisdom Unicorn bar with 18 points by crafting Star Jars

mission 4: Fortune Favors the Bold Quest
Have 3 Ballads of Heroism for inspiration (ask friends)
Banish 3 Beasties
Fill the Courage Unicorn bar with 24 points by crafting Medals of Honor

mission 5: Ode to Joy Quest
Harvest 6 Sugar Cane
Buy and place 5 Nature Items to liven the place up
Fill the Happiness Unicorn bar with 30 points by crafting Glee Spice (crafted in the Kitchen)

mission 6: A Horse of a Different Color Quest
Fish 2 times
Craft 1 Parchment to paint on (crafted in the Studio)
Fill the Creativity Unicorn bar with 40 points by crafting Palettes (crafted in the Studio)

mission 7: Hope Springs Eternal Quest
Have 5 Dove Feathers (ask friends)
Feed 2 animals to adulthood
Fill the Hope Unicorn bar with 50 points by crafting Half-Full Glasses (crafted in the Workshop)

mission 8: Friendship is Magic Quest
Earn 20 Reputation
Craft 2 Sweet Buns (crafted in the Kitchen)
Craft 62 Friendship Bracelet points (crafted in the Studio)

mission 9: A Solid Plan Quest
Craft 1 Sword (crafted in the Workshop)
Collect 4 Honey (Tend Flowers)
Touch the Summoning Statue

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