Castleville Sugar Coating Quest On the Lam

By | July 4, 2012

Start castleville sugar coating quest on the lam missions because Kathleen steals a valuable gem from her village, but it’s not what you think

these quests have 10 parts, here are the requirements walkthrough :

mission 1: Sugar Coating Quest
Craft 2 Ice Cream Sandwiches (crafted in the Kitchen)
Harvest 15 Sugar Cane
Have 2 Bedding (crafted in the Studio)

mission 2: Curses Quest
Visit 5 Neighbors’ Kingdoms
Craft 2 Purity Talismans (crafted in the Studio)
Banish 3 Beasties

mission 3: Too Hot To Handle Quest
Have 6 Oven Mitts (Ask Friends)
Craft 1 Leather Apron (crafted in the Studio after building a Tailor)
Collect 16 Wool (feeding adult Sheep)

mission 4: A Smashing Success Quest
Craft 1 Iron Pick (crafted in the Workshop after building a Blacksmith)
Mine 18 Rocks
Craft 2 Super Chops (crafted in the Workshop)

mission 5: Help Wanted Quest
Have 6 Wanted Posters (Ask Friends)
Craft 2 Glue (crafted in the Studio)
Tax 12 Houses in your Kingdom

mission 6: Things Are Heating Up Quest
Craft 2 Brick Ovens (crafted in the Workshop)
Craft 3 Flaming Grogs (crafted in the Kitchen)
Craft 2 Boom Sticks (crafted in the Workshop)

mission 7: The Aftermath Quest
Have 3 Wool Cloths (crafted in the Studio after building a Tailor)
Harvest 15 Corn
Clear 10 Grass

mission 8: Happy Days Quest
Craft and place 1 Party Starter (crafted in the Pavilion)
Craft 1 Cake (crafted in the Kitchen after building a Mill and a Bakery)
Tend 15 Flowers

mission 9: The Best Medicine Quest
Have 8 Mirth (Ask Friends)
Spend 75000 Coins
Craft 2 Kegs (crafted in the Workshop after you build a Blacksmith)

mission 10: Homecoming Queen Quest
Craft 1 Meat Sandwich (crafted in the Kitchen after building a Butcher and a Bakery)
Use 4 Super Clobber (craft in the Workshop or buy in the Market)
Craft 2 Cotton Leggings (craft in the Studio after building a Tailor)

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