Castleville Sylphie and the Magic Tree Quest

By | December 28, 2012

Sylphie will help you grow noble trees in castleville sylphie and the magic tree quest with seed sprouters !
faugrimm want to destroy all these tree because it have certain anti-gloom propertis, so make this tree bloomed and finish this missions !

this goals still unreleased and might changed when it released, walkthrough guide :

mission 1: What Once Was Lost Quest
– Place the Seed Sprouter in your Kingdom
– Plant your first Noble Tree by clicking on your Seed Sprouter
– Collect 2 Cow Chips by feeding adult cows or dairy barn

mission 2: One to Grow On Quest
– Collect 3 Celestial Rain (Ask Friends)
– Craft Magical Mulch with noble trees
– Fertilize your Noble Trees 3 times with Magical Mulch

mission 3: A Guardian Element Quest
– Have at least 1 Guardian Tree and 1 Elemental Tree growing in your Kingdom
– Collect 8 Fire OR Ice Chunks
– Fertilize your Noble Trees 6 times

tips : Gather Fire from Fire Burners and Ice Chunks from icy nature items

mission 4: Protect the Trees Quest
– Banish 2 Beasties in your Kingdom
– Craft 2 Flaming Swords in your Workshop
– Craft Magical Mulch with your noble trees

mission 5: Tree Hugger Quest
– Craft 2 Wood Balm in the Studio
– Fertilize 5 Noble Trees
– Spend 25 Reputation by purchasing specific items in the Market

mission 6: Tree Whisperer Quest
– Have 5 Choir Music Books (Ask Friends)
– Craft 3 Music Boxes in the Studio
– Have 1 Epic Noble Tree in your Kingdom

hint : Fertilize a single Noble Tree 40 times for it to reach Epic size

mission 7 : Sylphie’s New Grove Quest
– Plant 1 new Noble Tree by clicking on your Seed Sprouter
– Tend 5 blossomed Noble Trees
– Fertilize your Noble Trees 7 times

tips : noble tree will blossom 7 days after planted