Castleville The Crystal Sanctuary Quest

By | September 4, 2013

After a discussion between alastair and master salvatorre, they come with a result that a sanctuary is exactly what we need in our kingdom ! so build one in castleville the crystal sanctuary quest
Let’s help Alastair and Master Salvatorre build the Crystal Sanctuary!

goals walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : out in the open quest
– Buy 3 Fences to place around the sanctuary
– Our sanctuary ought to look good, spend 10000 Coins
– Have 3 Pails of Water

mission 2: george and the giant rock quest
– Have 2 Rhinestones
– Clear 3 Grass

mission 3: placing the rock quest
– Place the giant Crystal Rock onto your Kingdom
– Craft 2 Cupcakes
– Have 2 Blue Ice to help preserve the current state of the Crystal Rock


mission 4: on the lookout for tools quest
– Craft 2 Trowels to smoothen the rock’s surface
– Craft 2 Grinding Bowls

mission 5: the crystal sanctuary quest
– Complete building the Crystal Sanctuary
– Obtain 1 Gravel from the Crystal Sanctuary
– Craft 4 Horseshoes for good luck