Castleville The Good The Bad and The Dirty Quest A Peacock for All Seasons

By | October 1, 2012

Finally you’ll have a home for the peacocks, because the peacock pen is coming in castleville the good the bad and the dirty quest !

Tickle Your Fancy with the Peacock Penthouse, Help Giovanni build this new building !

3 part of a peacock for all seasons missions walkthrough :

mission 1 : The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty Quest
Place the Peacock Penthouse from your Inventory
Have a Storage Cellar
Feed 3 Peacocks

mission 2 : A Fistful of Feathers Quest
Complete your Peacock Penthouse
Craft 1 Vegetable Cocktail in the Kitchen
Craft 3 Hammers in the Workshop and require a Blacksmith

mission 3 : A Few Feathers More Quest
Have 5 Flower Salad (ask friends)
Use your Pen to feed 6 Peacocks (Click on the Peacock Penthouse to collect)
Craft 2 Dye Kits in the Studio

  • tiffany

    i am level 21 and the peacock penthouse is not available to me