Castleville The Kringle Crisis Quest

By | November 28, 2012

Kris Kringle is in crissis ! Mia will guide you with castleville the kringle crisis quest to help him !

help kringle remember the joy of the season and save yulefest party before it’s too late !

there are 9 parts of the kringle crisis goals, here are the walkthrough guide :

mission 1: a holiday hold-up quest
Craft & Place Yulefest Party Starter
Tax 5 Houses
Have 3 Yulefest Cookies

Earn party favors and yulefest stockings when the party ends. More visitors earn you better rewards !
10 visits gets you 20 Candy Canes & Shiny Baubles, 3 Tinsel & a Normal Yulefest Stocking!
20 visits gets you 45 Candy Canes & Shiny Baubles, 6 Tinsel, 1 String of Lights & a Giant’s Yulefest Stocking!

mission 2: automation attempts quest
Place Arctic Automaton
Buy & Place 1 Icy Rock
Craft 2 Candy Cane Lamp Posts
reward : 1 Mistletoe May Pole


mission 3: a youthful yuletide quest
Finish the Arctic Automaton
Have 5 Bottles of Ink
Feed 12 Chickens

mission 4: merry machismo quest
Have 10 Ice Chunks
Have 5 Bowls of Caramel Corn
Craft 1 Giant Yulefest Wreath

mission 5: a flurry of festivities quest
Run Arctic Automaton 1 Time
Craft 1 Iron Bar
Craft 1 Moo-dolph
reward : 1 Snowman Guard

mission 6: a little holiday romance quest
Craft 1 Winter Sleigh
Craft 1 Yule Log Cake
Have 3 Fire Burners

mission 7: decorative developments quest
Run Arctic Automaton 3 More Times
Have 5 Mulled Ciders
Craft 1 Pair Leather Pants

mission 8: the holiday hiatus quest
Craft 1 Kringle’s Cottage
Harvest 5 Grapes
Craft 1 More Yulefest Party Starter

mission 9: an evergreen ending quest
Place Kringle’s Cottage
Visit Kringle’s Cottage
reward : 1 Yulefest Clydesdale