Castleville The Messenger Quest

By | November 30, 2013

Help professor plume with castleville the messenger quest because she is rethinking her carrier raven situation and is looking to upgrade to owls !
7 missions of the mesenger walkthrough guide :

help me lure porkins back out and rebuild his shaky confidence !

Quest 1 of 7: Petrified Piggy
– Plant 3 ears of Corn
– Have 2 Ogre’s Belch

Switching from ravens to owls means i’ll need to build an owlery first. Let’s get started.

Quest 2 of 7: No Ravens Welcome
– Have 2 Dirt Worms to feed the Owls
– Cast the Fire Flowers Spell 1 time to chase the Ravens out of the realm
– Place the Mage Owlery in your kingdom

Crafting the Fire Flower spell

The owls fled the kingdom when they sensed the gloom spreading. That much i learned from the library. Perhaps there’s more study material for us in there.

Quest 3 of 7: A Peck of Owls
– Craft 2 bottles of Ink to take notes on their habits
– Have 1 Baby Owl in your kingdom
– Build the Mage Owlery

Building the Mage Owlery

Baby owls do not make good messengers. They’re easy prey for the bigger hunters in the big bad sky. Feed them well !

Quest 4 of 7: They Grow Up So Fast
– Collect 3 Rat Tails
– Buy 2 more Baby Owls from the Market
– Craft 3 Parchment to line the Owlery with

We can’t let those gloom wolves prey on our baby owls ! quick, banish them and get moving with the owlery to keep the little ones safe.

Quest 5 of 7: A Wolf In the Feathers
– Banish 2 Gloom Wolves that are skulking around your kingdom
– Upgrade the Mage Owlery
– Have 2 Adult Owls

Our owls have some innate skills when it comes to delivery messages, but they could still use a bit of training !

Quest 6 of 7: Training the Messengers
– Craft 2 Owl Whistles to train the Owls
– Craft 3 Cards to use as practice messages
– Craft 1 Cloth Bandage for the scratches you sustain while training the Owls

The owlery is almost ready ! finish it quick so that i can resume communication with my colleagues at pigspots and other academies of magic.

Quest 7 of 7: Letters Away
– Finish the last upgrade to the Mage Owlery
– Craft 3 Strawberry Tarts to celebrate
– Craft 1 set of Stationery for me to resume my correspondence