Castleville The Vault 2.0 Quest

By | November 20, 2013

Help tom strengthen and secure the kingdom’s vault in 5 part of castleville the vault 2.0 quest !
place it in your kingdom and collect parts to upgrade vault you need these items :
3 – 6 – 10 fortified stone block
1 – 2 – 3 mythium mortar
4 – 6 – 10 pail of water

castleville the vault 2.0 goals walkthrough :

Our vault could use a little revamping as far as security goes. Let’s investigate to see what we can do..
Quest 1 of 5: Not So Safe and Sound
– Craft 1 Hammer to test the strength of the stones.
– Tax the vault while you figure out how to strengthen it
– Collect 5 Stones. We’re going to need lots of Stones

George told me we need a few special materials before we can wok on the Vault. Let’s not keep him waiting !
Quest 2 of 5: Stocking Up
– Have 3 bars of Reinforced Steel for the new Vault
– Craft 2 Fortified Stone Blocks
– We’re ready to begin! Upgrade the Vault once

Like George said, our vault ought to stand strong against any attack but it’s vulnerable at this stage. We must hurry !
Quest 3 of 5: Past the Halfway Mark
– Craft 2 pails of Mythium Mortar – the strongest mortar in the realm!
– Craft 5 Fortified Stone Blocks
– Upgrade the Vault a second time

Goodness, are we down to the last of our resources already ? We must stock up before we can continue upgrading the Vault !
Quest 4 of 5: Supplies Supplies
– Gather 10 Stones
– Have 5 bars of Reinforces Steel
– Craft 2 glasses of Grape Juice to give you some extra energy

We’re thiS close to an intimidatingly secure Vault. Go on, put your back into it!
Quest 5 of 5: Version 2.0
– Finish upgrading the Vault
– Tax the newly fortified Vault 1 time
– Craft 1 Champagne to celebrate