Castleville To Lands End Quest Tale of Two Pirates

By | June 20, 2012

Help out Jacques start with castleville to lands end quest ! it’s a tale of two pirates 🙂

venture to land’s end and save sonja’s former first mate !

guide tips before you start :
Why can’t I shut down the Totem?
Once you’ve destroyed the Hubs surrounding the Totem, you’ll be able to click on the Totem to shut it down.

Is the Pirate’s quest line timed?
This quest line is not timed, however, once it is completed, the option to visit Land’s End will go away 5 days after you receive the Thar Be Treasure quest line.

How do I gain more energy to use on Land’s End?
This energy automatically regenerates, but while you’re waiting, you can craft Creamy Clam Chowder in the Kitchen, and using Jacques’ Distiller on Land’s End, turn it into Land’s End energy!

How do I get the figurehead, mast, and sails to build the Pirate Ship?
Some ship parts have gotten stuck in the gloom storm. Destroy the elemental hubs so that you can shut down the elemental totems and weaken the gloom storm in order to find the parts of the ship.

Can I decorate Land’s End?
No. Just like other kingdoms other than your own, you cannot decorate Land’s End.

How do I get clams for Creamy Clam Chowder if I’m out of Land’s End energy?
After you have completed quest 2 of Tale of Two Pirates, the Tidal Pool will be available in the market, so you can place one for your own kingdom!

quests requirements walkthrough :

mission 1 : to land’s end quest
Visit Land’s End by clicking Jacques’ picture in the Neighbor Bar
Investigate the shipwreck

mission 2 : distiller quest
Use Jacques’ Energy Distiller to get more Island Energy
Search Tidal Pools 1 time to find Salvaged Metal and Wood
Search 3 Tropical Flowers for Salvaged Metal and Wood

mission 3 : what the hull quest
Have 3 Pirate Food (found by clicking the Post to Friends button in the quest window or found on the Newsfeed)
Craft 3 Hammers (crafted in the Workshop)
Repair the Hull of the Santa Lucia

mission 4 : lightning storm quest
Collect from Coffee Plants on the island 5 times
Tend 5 Flowers at home or Land’s End to find Beeswax
Harvest 10 Carrots

mission 5 : hammer time quest
Have 9 Lightning Hammers (crafted in the Workshop)
Destroy 6 Lightning Hubs on Land’s End
Shut down the Lightning Totem on Land’s End
lightning hammer parts

mission 6 : go figurehead quest
Repair more of the Santa Lucia by restoring the Figurehead
Harvest 10 Coffee Beans in your Kingdom
Craft 1 Creamy Clam Chowder in the Kitchen

mission 7 : going coconuts quest
Chop 7 Palm Trees on Land’s End
Craft 1 Iron Axe in the Workshop
Have 6 Salvaged Metal from Land’s End

mission 8 : water storm quest
Have 11 Water Chalices to destroy the Water Hubs on Land’s End (crafted in the Beastie Laboratory)
Shut down the Water Totem of Land’s End to weaken the Water Gloom Storm
Have 6 Eye Patches (found by clicking the Post to Friends button in the quest window or found on the Newsfeed)

mission 9 : master and commander quest
Repair the Santa Lucia’s Mast on Land’s End
Craft 1 Glue in the Studio
Craft 1 Fresh Coconut Sherbet in the Kitchen

mission 10 : swordplay quest
Banish the 2 Gloom Crocs guarding the Wind Totem on Land’s End
Search Tidal Pools 3 times
Tend 3 Goats

mission 11 : wind storm quest
Have 11 Wind Horns (crafted in the Studio)
Shut down the Wind Totem after all the Wind Hubs are destroyed
Have 6 Salvaged Metal
wind horn materials

mission 12 : ship-shape quest
Finish repairing the Santa Lucia by adding its sails
Help the Santa Lucia get off the Beach by giving it one last push

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