Castleville Unable To Access Building, Quest, Inventory, Visit Neighbor

By | February 21, 2012

There are some errors in castleville like can’t visit neighbors, unable to access building, quest, inventory to craft some items, visiting neighbors and some quest expire
i already look on the forum, and found some fixed for these problems.. hope this can help

unable access error in castleville solution from JeromeChong :
1.) Refresh your castleville tab.
2.) Right after the loading. DO NOT TRY TO MOVE UR CASTLEVILLE VIEW
3.) you have about 5-10sec to click on the building you want to open up the tab to do crafting before it get bug again…remember not to click on anything other than the building u want to enter. you will see a ? on the building when you mouse over.
4.) in case the building is too far away from where you are spawn after refresh , move to build to your location before u refresh or harvest / tend something near the building to save your location so you will spawn at the area after you refresh
5.) repeat the same thing after every building

can’t visit neighbors error – “need to complete quests to visit
There is a manual fix for the issue and you can get this taken care of right away. Check out the steps below to see how:
– Contact Customer Support by clicking this zynga support link.
– Tell them in your report that you would like your Visiting Heirs mission reset and completed giving them permission to bypass it for you.

castleville quest expire
from PhantomVirus – Did you have a quest expire recently?
I am experiencing the same thing but the New years quest expired 3 hours before the Keg that I was crafting / needed to complete the quest was done.

When I log in after about 5 seconds the screen dims – like it wants to pop up the CONGRATULATIONS/Share Rewards box for a completed quest.

On the LEFT side I see the New years quest showing EXPIRED and then a COMPLETED arrow shows up so i think that in my case the system is in an infinte loop – it wants to congratulate me on the quest but it cannnot because it expired.

Just a theory and I would be interested if anyone else is seeing this.

If this is tru then most of the ‘normal’ interactions that need a dialog box to pop up (crafting, planting, building, etc.) are locked out because the program THINKS that there is a CONGRATULATIONS box that needs an OK to be pressed…..