Castleville Under Pressure Quest Sharp-Dressed Men

By | June 25, 2012

Help keep the Diva Happy start with castleville under pressure quest ! Isadora will guide you with these sharp-dressed men missions 🙂
these goals still unreleased so there’s might some changes when it’s up, here are the requirements :

mission 1 : Under Pressure Quest
Craft 1 Berry Smoothie to help relieve Izadora’s headache (in the Kitchen)
Collect 10 Down Feathers (Feed adult Geese)
Have 5 Pails of Water (fishing in Ponds)

mission 2 : Supplies and Demands Quest
Have 3 Fairy Dust (Ask Friends)
Craft 2 Looms (in the Studio)
Harvest 15 Cotton

mission 3 : By the Seat of His Pants Quest
Craft 1 Leather (in the Studio)
Craft 2 Glue (in the Studio)
Have 10 Blue Feathers (Feed adult Peacocks)

mission 4 : Skirting the Issue Quest
Craft 2 Fasteners (in the Studio)
Collect 3 Gloom Wolf Hair (Banish Gloom Wolves)
Craft 1 Workbench

mission 5 : Dirty Work Quest
Have 5 Bars of Soap (Ask Friends)
Craft 3 Cotton Cloth (in the Studio)
Water 5 Saplings

mission 6 : Stuffed Shirt Quest
Craft 3 Dye (in the Studio)
Craft 1 Knife (in the Workshop)
Craft 1 Wool Tunic (in the Studio)

mission 7 : Ruffled Feathers Quest
Have 6 Pink Lace for the frills (Ask Friends)
Tend 12 Flowers
Craft 1 Leather Pants (in the Studio)

mission 8 : Stomping Grounds Quest
Craft 3 Buttons (in the Studio)
Clear 10 Grass
Have 2 Rubies (Mine rocks)

mission 9 : A Weighty Problem Quest
Have 4 Clothespins (Ask Friends)
Consume 1 Carrot Cake (craft in the Kitchen)
Craft 1 Cotton Leggings (in the Studio)

mission 10 : Going Global Quest
Craft 5 Parchment for fliers (in the Studio)
Craft 3 Exploration Crystals (in the Workshop)
Earn 20 Reputation

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