Castleville Unicorn Worship Quest Tending Unicorns

By | August 13, 2012

Start castleville unicorn worship quest because Alastair wants us to help take care of the Unicorns so they will be living with us forever!

there are 5 tending unicorns missions, the requirements might changed because it’s unreleased

here are the walkthrough :

mission 1 : Unicorn Worship Quest
Place the Foundation for the Sweet Inspiration (Inventory)
Collect 6 Yellow Feathers (Tend an adult Peacock)
Collect 5 Magic Dust (Ask your friends)

mission 2 : Unicorn 101 Quest
Harvest 8 Carrots for Yvette
Craft 2 Mythic Monocles (in the Studio)
Finish building the Sweet Inspiration

mission 3 : Unicorn Comfort Quest
Craft 3 Liquid Sunshine (in the Studio)
Have 10 Wool (Click on Adult Sheep)
Upgrade the Sweet Inspiration

mission 4 : Dances with Unicorns Quest
Harvest 12 Tomatoes
Craft 2 Decorative Pillows (in the Studio)
Collect 2 times from the Sweet Inspiration

mission 5 : Unicorn Parade Quest
Hang 8 Wind Chimes (Ask friends)
Collect 4 Amber (Click on Trees and Logging Camps)
Complete the Sweet Inspiration