Castleville Up to Scratch Quest

By | May 1, 2013

Build the natural scratching post for your winged tigers in castleville up to scratch quest ! rafael will help you, they don’t call him the cat’s whiskers for nothing !

Oh rafael ! the winged tigers are so cute, look at them using those trees as scratching posts !

mission 1: Starting From Scratch Quest
– Clear 3 Grass
– Have 3 Stones
– Place the base of the Natural Scratching Post in your Kingdom

mission 2: A Helpful Boost Quest
– Upgrade the Natural Scratching Post
– Craft 1 Glue

Upgrading Scratching Post

mission 3: Branching Out Quest
– Build and enchant the Natural Scratching Post by casting the Booster Spell
– Craft 4 Ropes
– Craft 3 Bouncy Balls

mission 4: Toying Around Quest
– Upgrade the NAtural Scratching Post to get more Feline Fervor Potion
– Have 1000 Coins
– Craft 2 Winged Tiger Treats