Castleville Wedding Hall Guide

By | February 20, 2013

Help rafael building the castlevile wedding hall so he can be an ace husband, no ?

there’s 1 mission available special for this building

quest : rush wedding
– complete the wedding hall and crew it


hire crews for the wedding hall ! here’s how the building works :
– you can now fire absentee crew members and hire new ones
– hire the duke and he will visit once a week
– hire yvette and she’ll be back to pick up around here every other day
– the more visits you get, the faster your building will level up for cool rewards !

hire your friends to fill the open positions, spend crowns to have the duke or yvette fill positions :
– officiant
– wedding planner
– caterer
– mother-in-law
– wedding crasher

get royal help :
6 crowns : hire the duke for 1 visit per week
9 crowns : hire yvette for 3 visits per week