Castleville Welcome Elves Bearing Gifts Quest Traveler From Afar

By | July 25, 2012

A new visitor has come to your Kingdom ! help eva the elf start with castleville welcome elves bearing gifts quest !

there are only 3 missions of traveler from afar, yeah a short one..

here are the goals walkthrough guide :

mission 1: Welcome Elves Bearing Gifts Quest
Have 5 Milk Bottles (Click on Adult Cows or the Dairy Barn to find)
Tend 5 Flowers
Make 2 Flaxseed Oil for Eva (craft in the Kitchen)

mission 2: Keeps on Gifting Quest
Craft 2 Candles (in your Studio, you need to have tailor)
Fish in 5 Ponds
Harvest 8 Carrots

mission 3: What Elves Do Best Quest
Craft 3 Fishing Bait (in the Workshop)
Visit 5 Neighbors
Mine 10 Rocks