Castleville When Inspiration Strikes Quest

By | July 5, 2013

Fashion at the fair, a travelling carnival is here ! In castleville when inspiration strikes quest you need to help izadora find inspiration for the new collection at the fair !
I want to start a new fashion project. Glitzy accesories are all the rage now, don’t ya know ? help her with these items :
– craft jester hats to earn a jester pig
– craft doll earrings to earn a carnival wagon
– craft geometric necklaces to earn a jester costume
– craft horse charm bracelets to earn a fortuneteller horse

there are 5 parts, here are the missions walkthrough guide :

mission 1: jest a minute quest
– Fill the first Carnival Bar by crafting 2 Jester Hats
– Clear 4 Grass to make room for a seat on the ground
– Place 1 Bench to watch the rest of the act from


mission 2: puppet master quest
– Fill the second Carnival Bar by crafting 4 Doll Earrings
– Have 3 pieces of Taffy to snack on as you enjoy the show
– Craft 1 Dye kit to add a splash of color

mission 3: lute strings and hearts strings quest
– Craft 1 Braided Belt for Quinn
– Have 3 pieces of Parchment to scribble more verses on
– Craft 3 Berry Smoothies. A parched Quinn can’t keep singing

mission 4: mirror mirror quest
– Craft 3 tubes of Glue
– Have 5 pieces of Silver Ore
– Fill the third Carnival Bar by crafting 6 Geometric Necklaces

mission 5: just horsing around quest
– Fill the 4th Carnival Bar by crafting 10 Horse Chram Bracelets
– Buy 4 Bales of Hay to feed your Horses. They’re feeling neglected
– Collect 4 Copper Horseshoes. New collections need good luck