Castleville Wisp Merida Brave Quest

By | June 5, 2012

Start the castleville wisp quest ! because we’ll be having a visitor from disney pixar brave movie character : merida !

She will give us archery tent and teach us about the arrows for the Archery Tournament Target !

castleville brave quest requirements :
Mission 1 : Wisps Quest
– Investigate the mysterious blue Wisps by clicking on them

Mission 2 : Meeting Merida Quest
– Place the Archery Tent Merida gave to you
– Craft 1 Fresh Sweet Cake for the Duke (Craft in the Archery Tent)
– Spend 15 Energy in your Kingdom

Mission 3 : Like Merida Quest
Place the Tournament Target Merida gave to you
Use the Quiver of Hefty Arrows that Merida gave you by clicking on the Tournament Target
Have 3 Humectant to help make Yvette’s hair like Merida’s (ask friends)

mission 4 : Perfecting Practice Quest
Craft 2 Quivers of Flimsy Arrows (Craft in Archery Tent)
Use 3 Quivers of Flimsy Arrows on the Tournament Target
Buy 3 Brave decorations as a source of inspiration

mission 5 : Good, Better, Best Quest
Craft 3 Quivers of Lightweight Arrows
Use 4 Quivers of Lightweight Arrows on the Tournament Target
Have 4 Best Attitude Awards (Ask Friends)

mission 6 : Angus Quest
Build a 2nd Archery Tent to unlock a new special arrow and double your arrow production
Craft 3 Quiver of Hefty Arrows
Win 1 Celtic Horse from the Archery Tournament

Mission 7 : Bullseye Quest
Harvest 6 Carrots
Craft 2 of the new Quivers of Heavyweight Arrows
Feed 12 Sheep to calm them

Mission 8 : Sticky Fingers Quest
Craft 1 Faux Bear Rug (Craft in the Archery Tent)
Fish 5 times in your Kingdom
Win the Forest Den from the Archery Tournament

mission 9 : Farewell, Merida Quest
Win 1 of the all new rewards at the Tournament Target
Craft 4 Hard boiled Eggs (Craft Hard Boiled Eggs in the Kitchen)
Have 10 Traveler’s Pouches for Merida’s journey (Ask Friends)

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