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Chefville Thanksgiving Dinner Party Goals

Customers want to try all the different Thanksgiving turkeys in these chefville thanksgiving dinner party goals ! Cook now for a thankful delight! Wishing you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving 2013 ! Throw a party! A quest unlocks everyday, finish all eight for the ultimate reward, a party table that brings Bello, Madeline and the gang together!… Read More »

Chefville Teas Goals

Start finishing all chefville teas goals so you can brew Teas to earn Mastery Stars and great Rewards! you will ifnd a lot of tea on these series of quests 🙂 chefville brew teas to earn Mastery Stars and great rewards! the missions are timed and will be released multiple times: chefville wander to wonderland goals : part… Read More »

Chefville Chestnut Goals

Start finishing your chestnut cooking items in chefville chestnut goals and collect Chestnut Shells to redeem great prizes at the Roasted Chestnut Cart! there are 3 part of missions : 1. chefville shelling out rewards 2. chefville roast the chestnuts 3. chefville savory meets sweet Bonjour ! The more chestnuts you roast, the more chestnut shells you gather… Read More »

Chefville Culinary Academy Goals

Finish your chefville culinary academy and master dishes to earn rewards ! unwrap the building and start to collect these items by ask friends or post to friends : 5 academy tools 5 academy wood 5 academy paint 5 academy paintbrush Bonjour mon petit ! i’m so excited that the culinary academy is opening soon ! their elite… Read More »

Chefville Monster Mash Goals

Start chefville monster mash goals ! raise monsters from tombstones ! use monster ingredients to cook special dishes ! serve your customers and watch them turn into monsters ! Each monster can be harvested (or foraged for) a certain ingredient (zombie juice, vampire essence, etc. ) a certain number of times, depending on which monster. Once complete, the… Read More »