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Pioneer Trail Sissys Show Missions

Join up with sissy on pioneer trail sissys show missions and show your lassoing, sharpshooting, and horseriding skills at the wild west show ! Lasso up some stunt ideas from the wild west booth ! train up on various stuns before the show ! earn sharpshooting rewards like stunt decorations and the six shooter boost. Monday Wrapper :… Read More »

Pioneer Trail Lunar New Year Missions

On pioneer trail lunar new year missions long min has arrived on the homestead and has brought new knowledge and ideas ! The lunar new year 2014 is upon us, help the homestead celebrate and earn exotic rewards ! Long Min has arrived on the homestead to open up his foreign imports business. Let’s do the right thing… Read More »

Pioneer Trail Valentine’s Day 2014 Missions

Restaurant de l’amour is available on pioneer trail valentine’s day 2014 missions ! get ready for a night of pure romance to earn new fine dining boosts ! With Bart and Bert’s help, Amos is ready to open up his own french gourmet restaurant with nettie. Give everyone the night of their life ! Frontierville Valentine’s Day Mission… Read More »

Pioneer Trail Aquarium Missions

Look at the left side of your frontierville ! there’s a new ice lake and 5 part of pioneer trail aquarium missions to finish 🙂 look at the requirements below help save rare and exotic fish from freezing and earn awesome decos ! quest wrapper : Stacking Fish Mission – Have an Angel Fish, Lionfish and Puffer Fish… Read More »