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Namecheap Sorry The Coupon Usage Has Exceeded Limit

As we know, to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday namecheap are offering several coupons that will be valid only during specific hours, with different deals offered every hour. The problem is 300 coupons of $0.98 .COM/.NET/.ORG domain registration is quickly gone when it start about 5 minutes so you must hurry ! and the code for Black… Read More »

BBM How Long Waiting Email Front of The Line

Having a hart time with BBM waiting email front of the line ? how long to wait and reach for front line for bbm on android or iphone ? well it only take 1 day for me and 3 days for my friends.. i think it’s getting longer to wait because of the queue line 😐 so be… Read More »

BBM We’re Holding Your Spot In Line

The official blackberry messenger is finally released on google play for android and ios ! but if you having problem when register like having this bbm we’re holding your spot in line screen then find out how to skip it below ! from the official bbm said that : “if you didn’t sign up in advance, don’t worry… Read More »

BBM No Connection Found for Android and iPhone

Already have the bbm ipa / apk for your iphone and android ? then you should be able to try the blackberry messenger app ! but there’s an error you might find : bbm no connection found for android and iphone ? see the explanation below and how to fix it 😛 first of all, make sure you… Read More »