Chefville A Date with Crepes Goals Crepe Station

By | February 26, 2013

Get ready for madeline and rock’s first date with crepe station in chefville a date with crepes goals !

to finish crepe station you’ll need :
4 paris panache
6 french flourish
4 bordeaux bow
3 dijon dabble
5 toulouse tale

missions walkthrough guide :

Ah, i have it… Crepes ! My papa used to make crepes for me any time i was nervous. I’ll cook these jiters away !

quest 1: Comfort Crepes Goal
– Place and build the Crepe Station
– Tend 12 ingredients on Neighbor’s Restaurant
– Have 9 Ribbons

Help me show rock the best parts of france, cherie, it’ll give us something to talk about on our first date, oui ?

quest 2: Love au Francais Goal
– Have 6 French Berets
– Cook 8 Sun-dried Tomato Crepes
– Have 17 Ribbons

quest 3: Crepes with Friends Goal
– Eat 10 dishes at a Neighbor’s restaurant
– Have 3 Ribbons for Greens and Mushroom Crepes
– Have 27 Ribbons