Chefville A French Introduction Goals French Sauce Station

By | February 26, 2013

Cook savory crepes and earn ribbons ! It’s madeline first date with rock in chefville a french introduction goals 🙂 earn ribbons to win rewards !

french sauce station parts :
4 mixture musing
4 mornay morning

rewards :
9 ribbons : french wall
17 ribbons : french counter
27 ribbons : french table

missions walkthrough guide :

Alright, let’s see… well, what do ya know about france, friend ? i’ll take any info i can get. Viva la france and stuff !

quest 1: An Aussie in France Goal
– Get 7 Provence
– Cook 5 Caprese Salads
– Have a French Sauce Station

to build french sauce stand, you will need to complete Love au Francais to unlock this item

I think she likes flowers, at least i think she doesn’t hate them ! all this first date anticipation is making me hungry, mate.. how about a panini ?

quest 2: Flowers and Panini Goal
– Visit a Neighbor’s Restaurant 5 times
– Cook 2 Grilled Steak Paninis
– Harvest 10 Wild Mushrooms

quest 3: A Hearty Appetite Goal
– Get 6 Normandy Notions
– Serve Wild Mushroom Salad 4 times
– Cook 5 times with Sirloin Beef

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