Chefville And The Winner Is Goals Cupid Statue

By | February 7, 2013

The valentine’s day showdown is here in chefville and the winner is goals ! There can be only one true love, so help madeline to choose between rock or colby in these 5 quests !

you will have cupid statue for these missions, and if you click the statue.. you can choose which male character madeline ends up with ?
collect rock sweethearts if you like rock
collect colby sweethearts if you like colby

walkthrough guide :

quest 1: In the Mood for Love Goal
– Place Cupid Statue
– Click on the Cupid Statue to see how it works
– Collect from the Rose Stand 2 times
Rewards: 2 Wild Mushrooms, 10 XP and 15 Coins

Collect rock sweethearts and colby sweethearts to earn prizes ! collect all the sweethearts for both of them and earn additional rewards !

quest 2: Feed the Fever Goal
– Click on the Cupid Statue
– Cook 10 Dishes with Wild Mushrooms
– Cook 10 Dishes with Wild Onions
Rewards: 1 One-Hour thyme, 1 Beet and 10 Coins

quest 3: Spreading the Love Goal
– Give 5 VIP Services to your customer’s tables
– Cook 2 Foccacia
– Ask friends for 5 Love Pangs
Rewards: 1 Onion Gravy, 10 XP and 15 Coins

quest 4: Love Harvest Goal
– Click on the Cupid Statue
– Harvest 5 Wheat Bread from the Bread Rack
– Harvest 8 Tomatoes
Rewards: 2 Beef, 1 Pepper and 10 Coins

quest 5: Lover Calm Down Goal
– Give 5 Roses to Madeline
– Collect 5 Mixed Greens
– Ask friends for 5 Calming Chamomile Tea
Rewards: 1 Rapid Rosemary, 1 Salt and 10 XP