Chefville Autumn Harvest Countdown Goals

By | September 23, 2013

Place the Harvest Cooker and start the Chefville Autumn Harvest Countdown Goals !
Get awesome rewards from the harvest wagon, tiered garden and hay wagon !

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: The Autumn Harvest 1 of 4 Goal
– Place your Harvest Cooker
– Collect some Cranberries
– Cook Salmon with Cranberries
Rewards: 2 Carrots, 10 XP, 2 Autumn Acorns

quest 2: The Autumn Harvest 2 of 4 Goal
– Harvest your Lentil Crate
– Tend your neighbor’s Wild Onions
– Serve Lentil Soup
Rewards: 2 Salt, 15 XP, 3 Autumn Acorns

This feature will run for 3 weeks, as opposed to European Countdown which ran for 4 weeks, to prevent it from running into October. Each week all four dishes of that week will become available to unlock on the first day of the week instead of one every couple of days. Once a recipe is available, the user can complete a quest to unlock it. After completing a series of dish quests (4 dishes in a group), the player will earn a reward to help with unlocking the remaining dishes.
Dishes will drop a unique part (Autumn Acorn) that can be used to complete quests and unlock additional recipes. The number of parts dropped will vary from dish to dish making it easier to complete quests if the player has more dishes available. The Day 1 dish will be unlocked so the player will always have a source for parts.

quest 3: The Autumn Harvest 3 of 4 Goal
– Harvest your Tomato Plant
– Eat Dishes At Your Neighbors’ Restaurant
– Cook Roaster Pear Soup
Rewards: 2 Flour, 20 XP, 4 Autumn Acorns

quest 4: The Autumn Harvest 4 of 4 Goal
– Craft 4 Dough
– Have Mastery Stars for Lentil Soup
– Serve Pumpkin-Sage Pasta