Chefville Battle of the Beets Goals

By | February 13, 2013

With the Hans Hofbrau Skillet Upgrade you will have a new chefville battle of the beets goals to finish ! complete all 3 parts and get German Stag Statue 🙂

Ja, one of the best ways to use a lot of beets is to make german beet soup. Just put them in the pot and watch the magic happen !

missions walkthrough :

quest 1: Hot Beet Action Goal
– Earn 2 Mastery Stars on German Beet Soup
– Collect 8 Cobblestone Tiles
– Tend 10 Wild Onions at a Neighbor’s
Rewards: 12 Bavarian Cobblestones, 1 Chicken Broth and 15 XP

quest 2: You Can’t Beet Salad Goal
– Serve Onion Cake 9 times
– Earn 2 Mastery Stars on German Potato Salad
– Give 15 Chef’s Service with Beet Salad
Rewards: 2 Chicken Broth, 1 Vegetable Broth and 15 XP

quest 3: Beets Go On and On Goal
– Harvest 4 Beets (Click the Beet Market Stall to harvest)
– Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Knoephla
– Cook 5 times with Russet Potato
Rewards: 1 German Stag Statue, 4 One-hour Thyme and 50 XP