Chefville Become the Master Goals

By | December 8, 2012

Fresh Sushi is here with shiro! Start your adventure in this timed quest : chefville become the master goals by placing the Sushi Master Station to make 6 new, fresh recipes!
Something special has docked for our experienced chefs over 60 Mastery Stars!

Salmon is supremely popular fish in the world of sushi, young chef. Use it several ways to appease your discerning customers.

missions walkthroguh guide :

quest 1 : Rule the Salmon Goal
– Serve 3 Rainbow Rolls from the sushi master station
– Chef Serve Chirashi 5 times
– Craft 1 Giant Salmon on the Wholesale Station
Rewards: 3 Sushi Rolls, 6 Seaweed and 15 XP

quest 2 : Sushi Rice Ritual Goal
– Tend the Water Pump 10 times
– Have 2 Mastery Stars on Tamago Nigiri
– Ask for 6 Bamboo Rolls
Rewards: 3 Sushi Rolls, 1 Giant Tuna and 15 XP

quest 3 : Rice Two Ways Goal
– Earn 3 Mastery Stars on Rainbow Roll
– Cook 7 times with Rice Noodles
– Craft 10 Sushi Rice on the Rice Rinser
Rewards: 5 Giant Tuna, 5 Giant Salmon and 2 Instant Thyme

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