Chefville Bicycle Trader, Storage, Shop

By | September 12, 2013

Cook new recipes with your rare ingredients ! trade with chefville bicycle trader to get more rare ingredients 😀
currently there are problem with bicycle trader (buildable) and if you got this oops error, just wait for an update
from zynga support :
“Hello Chefs,
We’ve heard that some of our fellow Chefs are having an issue in completing their Bicycle Trader. We are looking into this issue and hope to resolve this in the soonest possible time.
If you’re affected by this issue, make sure to click the “Please Fix!” button below and we will update this article once we get this fixed. We appreciate your patience!
Your fellow Chefs”

Here’s the guide from chefville forum :
How to make traders come to your restaurant?
For the traders to come, you have to place and repair the Bicycle Kiosk/Trader from the market so they can park their rides. After a kiosk is complete, a random Bicycle Trader will stay at your restaurant and you can immediately begin trading ingredients.

How to trade ingredients?
Click on a Bicycle Trader to view ingredients offered. Once you pick something you like, the trader will leave to get it for you.

What is the difference between the Basic Traders and Super Traders?
The only difference between the two types of traders is their appearance.

Where can we get Natural Rubber?
Natural Rubber can be collected from Lettuce Stand/Stall by chance. If you have a Tomato Trader, you can craft 1 Natural Rubber for 3 Tomatoes. You can also purchase a Natural Rubber Crop from the Market for 2 Chef Cash.

When I craft Trading Flyers to upgrade my traders to “Expert”, they don’t count?
A little refresh will do the trick. However, the Trading Flyers can be used on any bicycle upgrade (Expert) and can also be used on the Festival Cooker upgrade (Expert).

How to trade ingredients faster?
You have to upgrade your Bicycle Shop to make trading faster, each upgrade will make trading faster for you.

Bike Storage:
– Boost are active upon completion of storage. The boost gives players a discount (time) when trading.
– Upgrading the storage increases the boost.
– Boost will be applied to all bikes on the gameboard. The Bike does not need to be in storage.
– Boost will apply to ALL COMPLETED (healed) bike traders.

Bike Storage Level & time discount:
Level 1 (place and complete storage) – 5% faster
Level 2 – 10% faster
Level 3 – 15% faster
Level 4 – 20% faster
Level 5 – 25% faster
Level 10 – 50% faster


there will be 3 traders that will take one specific ingredient and will give you back some others, rarer, ingredients:
tomato trader
broccoli trader
zucchini trader