Chefville Chinese New Year Wok Goals

By | January 30, 2013

Celebrate Chinese New Years Event with Madeline by finishing chefville chinese new year wok on these goals

Welcome the new year with a new chinese new year wok station. Once you’re ready, i’ll teach you a recipe for my favorite beef steamed dumplings.

missions walkthorugh guide :

quest 1: Progressive Wok Goal
– Place and build your Chinese New Year Wok
– Cook 3 Steamed Beef Dumplings
– Give 6 Chef Service with steamed beef dumplings
Rewards: 2 Black Beans, 10 XP and 20 Coins

quest 2: Lucked and Loaded Goal
– Ask for 8 Good Luck Wishes
– Have a Chinese Sauce Station
– Craft 4 Black Bean Sauce on your Chinese Sauce Station
Rewards: 3 Free Range Chicken, 2 King Salmon and 20 XP

quest 3: French Resolution Goal
– Serve 4 General Tso’s Chicken
– Give 6 VIP services
– Cook 2 Grilled Salmon
Rewards: 1 Firecrackers on a Pole decoration, 3 Duck and 30 XP

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