Chefville CoasterVille Promotion Goals

By | January 19, 2013

In order to get chefville coasterville promotion goals you have to be one of the chosen one the Chefville people give it to, players are chosen at random and for now there’s no way to get it ourselves

Minimum Mastery Star level: 7 Mastery Stars
This is a timed event and these goals are visible to a select number of players

Colby’s CoasterVille Promotion Missions Guide :

quest 1: Ticket to Fried Goal
– Get to Level 5 in CoasterVille
– Serve 1 Foccacia
– Collect 6 Admission Tickets
Rewards 2 Eggs, 5 XP and 15 Coins


quest 2: Roller Ball Goal
– Get to Level 7 in CoasterVille
– Cook with Salt 5 times
– Plant 2 bunches of Wild Onions
Rewards: 2 Potatoes, 3 Asparagus and 3 Corn

quest 3: Food Loops Goal
– Ask your friends for 7 Giant Lollipops
– Serve 2 Meatball Sandwiches
– Get to Level 10 in CoasterVille
Rewards: Theme Park Decoration, 1 Instant Thyme and 5 XP