ChefVille Cooking Stations

By | August 8, 2012

Each Chefville Cooking Station cooks a different selection of dishes. For every dish, you’ll need different ingredients. Some ingredients are created on Crafting Stations

you can get this station unlocked either by completing goals or earning chefville mastery stars


how to unlock cooking stations in chefville :
The Grill – Starter Cooker
Brick Oven – Purchase in Goal: “Inspired Italian”
Salad Station – Complete “Freshly Chopped” Goals
Soup Station – Complete “Comforts of Home” Goals
Broiler – 22 Mastery Stars
Wok – 39 Mastery Stars
Skillet – 59 Master Stars
Griddle – 79 Mastery Stars
Oven – 85 Mastery Stars
BBQ – 90 Mastery Stars
Deep Fryer – 188 Mastery Stars
Slow Cooker – 207 Mastery Stars

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