Chefville Cosmopolitan Outback Goals

By | February 8, 2013

Cook valentine’s day dishes with rock in chefville cosmopolitan outback goals and have the outback stove upgrade !

missions walkthrough guide :

If we upgrade this here stove, ace, we can cook some fancier dishes for madeline ! she does like fancy stuff, right ?

quest 1: Fancy Food Goal
Upgrade the Outback Stove to Intermediate
Visit 5 Neighbors to stoke their fires
Harvest 5 Wild Onions
Rewards: 1 Beet, 2 Sugar and 10 Coins


Alright then, i guess i better set the mood for romance. Beef is pretty romantic, wouldn’t ya say ? yeah, beef !

quest 2: Set the Mood Goal
Cook 3 Roasted Beet Salads
Have 2 Country Love Pendants for Steak Pie
Cook 5 dishes with Free Range Chicken
Rewards: 2 Flour, 2 Parmesan and 10 XP

Okay, mate, i suppose if you get some cologne for me, i might as well wear it. I hope it doesn’t attract flies !

quest 3: Lovely Presentation Goal
get 6 Bottles of Manly Cologne from friends
Cook 3 Dampers
Have 2 Country Love Pendants for Garlic and Beet Soup
Rewards: 1 Lemon Tree, 2 Garlic and 1 Flour