ChefVille Crafting Stations

By | August 8, 2012

The chefville crafting stations allow you to create parts for your dishes from your own fresh ingredients!

For example, you will collect Flour and Milk and that can make Dough, which can be used to make Pizza! Also, some of these ingredients will also be included in even more complicated items. So have them unlocked now !

crafting stations on the market :

guide how to unlock crafting stations :
Grinder – NA
Mixer – Goals: “Family Style” and Have 4 Mastery Stars
Pasta Maker – Complete “Lasagna Lead-in” Goals
Broth Pot – Complete “Whiz into Action” Goals
Bread Maker – Complete “The Bread Approaches Goals
Toaster – 12 Mastery Stars
Food Processor – 48 Mastery Stars
Western Sauce Station – 134 Mastery Stars
Asian Sauce Station – 147 Mastery Stars
Marinator – 250 Mastery Stars
Steamer – 260 Mastery Stars
Smoker – 322 Mastery Stars

more info about mastery stars you can see on how to get mastery stars in chefville

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