Chefville Dough Freezer Goals

By | September 4, 2012

Bello is giving you a new tool with a quest series in chefville dough freezer goals

open your dough freezer and unwrap it by clicking on it 3x then collect parts :
2 freezing fundamentals and 2 dough directions

here are the new missions walkthrough :

quest 1 : Eye on the Pizza Pie Goal
Craft 3 Batches of Dough
Serve 3 Cheese Pizzas
Place the Dough Freezer

quest 2 : The Big Freezer Goal
Build Dough Freezer
Tend Dough Freezer 2 Times
Collect 3 Milk

quest 3 : Party Prep Goal
Tend 3 Neighbors’ Milk Trucks
Ask for 4 Tomato Colored Tablecloths
Give 8 Dough to Bello

quest 4 : Pizza, Pizza, Pizza Goal
Visit 4 Neighbors
Serve 6 Cheese Pizza
Give 10 Chef’s Services with Cheese Pizza