Chefville Experimental Pumpkins Goals Haunted Broiler Level 2

By | October 17, 2012

Colby will introduce a quest and ask you to build a Pumpkin Processor in chefville experimental pumpkins goals. When you get to part 2, there is a task to serve Pumpkin Casserole from the Haunted Broiler.

To cook this dish, you need a level 2 Haunted Broiler, which is not available yet. Don’t worry! It’s coming out in the next part of the quest, sometime next week.
This won’t affect the timing of your quests, chefville official just want to make sure it’s not confusing!

missions guide :
quest 1 : pureed pumpkins goal
– place and build pumpkin processor
– have 5 pumpkins to help colby with the experiment
– craft 5 pumpkin puree

quest 2 : pumpkin possibilities goal
– get 3 pumpkin recipes from your friend
– have 2 spooky halloween ribbons for pumpkin ravioli
– serve 4 pumpkin casserole from the level 2 haunted broiler


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