ChefVille Feed Link Post Filter

By | August 7, 2012

Want to get bonus faster in zynga chefville ? then use chefville feed link on facebook to filter only this game post, so you can collect all bonus faster !

with this you can see all the requests that your neighbors posts on your wall

link to only see Chefville posts in my newsfeed :

It will only show all your friends Chefville posts and what you give you will get back in return!
So visit it often to get gifts, energy, XP, etc and get helps from your ChefVille neighbors!

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  • surjitsingh

    Chef Ville is game for those, who can churn out their real cash. I wonder, how people are completing levels so fast…so its dooms day is fixed like other zynga games. Zynga only cares for those, who spend real cash.

  • cynthialynn stuart

    i cant see my post on my wall

  • Renee Dean

    i really enjoy the game , but thier are issuse that should be looked at , takes forever to gain another counter / table & chairs , or to exspand to the nxt space near by , there are signs over everthing so thaat you cant see anything clearly , it looks as if ppl are hoaders , because they can not exspand or store , i understand that thier has to be some controll so that ppl buy the bucks . but really it’s getting to where some ppl dont want to play the game , due to u can not make ur cafe what u want it to be due to the surrounding mess . there are some of us that enjoy the game but cant afford to but out the cash . compormise is the key . u cant even use the counters that u have in storage , WHY IS THAT ? what is the purpose of the game if u cant enjoy without being stressed out . and why after u buy the componets that u need do u have to wait for someone to help u , u can wait weeks for that , they should open up when u but them . it’s getting where some ppl dont even want to play due to these issue’s . im mean really .