Chefville Filling Connection Goals Samosa Filling Crate

By | February 16, 2013

Finish the samosa filling crate with ginger in these chefville filling connection goals by collecting :
6 jar opener
4 samosa filling order
4 spice crate
missions walkthrough :

If you need samosas in a hurry, you can gather filling from a filling crate. That way you have more time for enjoying samosas.

quest 1: Samosa Saver Goal
– Place and build the Samosa Filling Crate
– Ask Friends for 2 Wooden Crates
– Harvest Samosa Filling Crate 2 Times
Rewards: 2 Mozzarella, 10 XP and 10 Coins

It takes time to perfect your dough. Maybe your friends have some tips on dough-making. You should visit them anyway. They miss you.

quest 2: Shiny Happy Dough Goal
– Serve 3 Chicken Samosas
– Craft 4 Dough
– Tend Friend’s Flour Crate 6 times
Rewards: 4 Milk, 20 XP and 20 Coins

quest 3: Hands Across Samosas Goal
– Serve 16 Cheese Samosas
– Tend Neighbors’ Restaurant 5 times
– Collect 10 Samosa Suggestions
Rewards: 1 Indian Restaurant Wall Sign decoration, 3 Green Peas Filling and 40 XP