Chefville Fishing Docks Expansion Quest Fish Food

By | November 11, 2012

Along with the new Cranberry bush you can see the chefville fishing docks ! take a look for the quest walkthrough below, soon 🙂

Meet new character : chef pike
My name is Pike! Just Pike. I think I failed in your city. Without going into details, it could be a shark me continue. Or not. Do not worry, matey. Fishing, it knows me. “

you need to complete the chefville fish food goal to unlock this expansion

there are 3 missions for marine Pike Fishing pier:

mission 1: Foreign seaman 1
Visit 10 neighbors to follow the shark
Prepare 9 gnocchi dishes to cook shark
have 305 stars control to unlock the fishing pier

mission 2: Foreign seaman 2
Unlock Zone Fishing pier
Complete the fisherman’s hut
Prepare prawns 4 times

mission 3: Foreign seaman 3
Have 1 star mastery for kung pao shrimp
Serve 3 vegetarian cakes breads prepared in the brick oven
Have 315 stars to unlock the Master crab creek

fish food goal :

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  • Nik

    I am at 354 mastery start and hasn’t got this quest yet. Is there any thing I am missing?

  • Gillian

    i have 383 stars and still not got this quest. no point telling us how to do the quest, if you can’t give us an idea of how to actually get it!!